KayLa Drake
Sales Partner
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ABOUT KayLa Drake

KayLa is a natural-born leader, competitor, and sales professional. KayLa grew up in South-Central Texas riding horses and competing in rodeo. At six years old, after being told, “No!” when she asked for candy money to spend at the rodeo concession stand, KayLa created her own business plan of making coloring books and selling them to her peers and audience. Her execution was a success, and that experience fueled her passion and ignited her drive to overcome the barrier “no” ever since. It also solidified her affinity for not simply the science of sales but the fine art of delivering truly desired value to her customers. KayLa went on to graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agriculture Leadership and Development with an emphasis in Sales and Marketing. KayLa has sales experience in a wide range of industries which makes her not only relatable but rather knowledgeable.

When she’s not showing homes, you can find KayLa around town with her four girls in tow, shuttling between school, play dates, extracurriculars and community service. KayLa is an active member of her local church, an avid DIYer, thrift store junkie, and furniture flipper. KayLa always aims to please and won’t settle for less than a completely satisfied client.